Greetings from Author Rusty Nugent: A new adult, urban and dark fantasy series.

Greetings y’all, My name is Rusty Nugent. I am a southern Dark Fantasy with elements of horror, supernatural, paranormal, honor, days of old, action, adventure, blood, gore and romance blogger/author/reader. I’m writing on my third novel in the MW Series. My books are about heroic werewolves waging war against evil vampires and other evil supernatural creatures. In thirteen sixty-three. The werewolf warrior Stytentos is jaded and disillusioned, living in a monastery in Nepal. His outlook on life has changed since the humans turned on his people and began hunting them to the point of extinction. As mass hysteria took over Dacia, lycanthropes and humans alike were burned at the stake, accused of being werewolves “in league with the Devil” by the self-righteous and power-hungry Catholic Church. Stytentos is attempting to rebuild his life in the aftermath of the darkest chapter of his people’s existence: The Burnings. There are many werewolf vs vampire action scenes in their supernatural forms. I have two books so far in the MW series but the first book is unavailable at this time. My second book’s title, Moonwarriors: [book:Guardians of the Night|6623801]. Please can you read my fourth chapter of my third book, Moonwarriors: In A Blackened Dawn. The website Wattpad is great for writers and readers to join forces. Check it out if your an author or writer. (^_^) Good luck and Thanks.

A poem/song about my books on youtube, a taste of my overall talent. It’s called Full Moon Bloodlust.

When the moonlight strikes me, I am filled with power. In an evil age, in my darkest hour. Death and Destruction are the pleasures of my life. A lonely life filled with agony. Here I stand upon this Ledge with sword in hand I hereby pledge. That in the full moon’s waning light. I shall make my Sacrifice. The Fog drifts down the hills into my dark domain. My senses sharp and I Insane. Into the woods I go with the moonlight as my guide. I now creep like the mist and from my wrath you can not hide. I shall avenge all I have lost. Behold the coming of death with your now ending immortal life. I shall make my sacrifice. Unto the goddess of the night. I shall make my sacrifice.

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