The Croods (2013)

The Croods (2013). Croods (2013)

Director: Kirk De Micco and Chris Sanders
Screenplay: Kirk De Micco and Chris Sanders
Cast: Nicholas Cage, Ryan Reynolds, Emma Stone,
Genre: Animation, Family, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy
Budget: n/a
Gross: n/a

Synopsis: The Croods, A prehistoric Neanderthal family, travel in search of a new cave because a Homosapien Boy(Ryan Reynolds)  warned Eep (Emma Stone) that their cave will collapse and it did. It is about their fantastic journey of the new world and how it has completely changed their looks on life.

Pros: Great animation. The animators came up with what looked like an Arizona, Colorado inspired landscape. It had such lush color and detail in the Journey. The depth to Ugg, Eep and Guy were also fantastic.

Cons: I have nothing negative to say. This was absolutely a fantastic movie.

Rating: 5/5 stars. A great movie for the whole family. Something for both adults and kids to watch repeatedly. If you haven’t seen it go do so and bring as many people with you.

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